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At Sleep Essentials, we’re professionals who understand that good sleep equals healthy living. As a result, we’re well-versed in old, evidence-based sleep techniques. You’re free to book an appointment with us online or dial our number at (855) 502-8453 for free for any inquiries.
When you browse through our site, you will be in a position to establish how the mattresses of today are incomparable to what we offer our esteemed consumers. Get to learn about frauds associated with a warranty, polyurethane prior to seeing why Sleep Essential’s beds stand out from any other.

Throughout the last 15 years, buyers have opted to go with us because

life cycle

Our sustainable latex materials give the mattresses a longer life cycle.

10-year guarantee

Our clients can rely on us for a 10-year original manufacturer guarantee if their mattresses get imprints above half an inch.


We manufacture chemical-free organic latex products in three layers and can be customized to meet purchasers’ needs.


We supply you with materials to construct your unique mattress.

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Chesapeake, Virginia’s cure to a beautiful rest at nighty that’s entirely healthy:

We are a trustworthy mattress provider with a minimum of fifteen years in the manufacturing industry. We have a comprehensive insight into customer preferences to ensure you get sweet, comfortable, and calm nights for you to enjoy a better lifestyle.

Our ingredients for the materials are all-natural, which guarantees that we do not include any additives that may harm your health. In other words, we will sell you parts to create your bespoke bed, fitting your needs. In this manner, single sheets are available for purchase. You simply choose your preferred materials and a firmness that you feel befits your sleep requirements.

Our latex mattresses are entirely composed of rubber extracted from the saps of trees. For that reason, they are recognized and certified as organic by GOLS(Global Organic Latex Standard). A GOLS accreditation is relevant whenever a distinction between inorganic and organic substances is required. Furthermore, we provide guidance that helps you organize the mattresses for them to meet your needs, arranged between 1 to 4. So every cover is 3 inches. This set consists of three pieces. You are supposed to encase them before finally zipping them up to relax on your fresh new bespoke bed.

There are six different kinds of materials offered by us- we provide materials that are hyper-firm, intermediate-firm, moderate, moderate-soft, incredibly soft, and soft. Each of these foams is customizable to a buyer’s particular needs, such as body mass, conformation, and overall health.

Besides, you ought to understand that latex beds are a fast recovery kind- they rebound post-compression rapidly, making them easier to roll about when napping or sleeping. Also, they have open pores foam with minute holes—circulation of air so that you can get good rest even during the summer. Moreover, several consumers love its feel more than that of memory foam.

After you’ve bought the product from us, we will share an instructional clip to show you the mattress setup procedure in straightforward procedures. Conversely, if you can’t visit our physical stores, then we will deliver the materials conveniently to your doorstep by cramming them in a compact box after they’re squeezed and wrapped, such that once it’s unpacked, it reverts to form. You then put it together for your relaxation. 

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If you are keen on getting one of our beds or customizing your own, please call us- (855) 502-8453 for a free consultation. Also, go over to, select the pieces you’d like to utilize for a bespoke mattress alongside a bed covering.

Feel free to also stop by our physical address in Chesapeake, Virginia.

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